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4EU+ Alliance offers two courses

Charles University students and employees have the opportunity to complete two courses (listed below) ending with a certificate on the Coursera platform free of charge (until 31st March 2024) thanks to CU being a part of the Alliance 4EU+ membership.

 EuropeanCitizenship – Development, Scope, and Challenges

 Apart from their national citizenship, all citizens of the European Union also have European citizenship. What rights and opportunities does this transnational citizenship provide? What are the challenges and dilemmas for individuals, member states, and EU itself? The course deals with the development, application, and current challenges associated with European citizenship and its elements.

Data Literacy – What is it and Why Does it Matter?

 Our values and assumptions are influenced by the data that surrounds us – the data we create, the data we collect, and the data we share. Data literacy is crucial in today’s world for accessing the risks and opportunities associated with data–based technologies. The course looks at data literacy from three perspectives: data in personal life, data in society, and data in creating and acquiring knowledge.

How to register for the course?

Follow the instruction at the eResources Portal

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