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Discovery service UKAŽ

Charles University’s discovery service UKAŽ allows simultaneous searching of printed, digitized and electronic resources available at CU.

This means you can easily search for materials for your study needs or scientific work – books, articles, journals, theses, conference materials and more, all from a single place.

Since December 14th, the eResources Portal has been newly implemented in UKAŽ

Guides for working with the new eResources Portal

UKAŽ is available at https://ukaz.cuni.cz/en.

UKAŽ Helpdesk Guidelines

UKAŽ searches in

  • CU libraries collections
  • All databases
  • Nearly in all databases licensed by the Charles University (with some exceptions) and selected relevant open access e-resources
  • CU Digital Library
  • CU Digital Repository (theses & dissertations; open access documents published by CU)

In addition to searching for information resources, UKAŽ allows, amongst other things, to:

  • View and renew your loans
  • Make a reservation (request) for a document currently unavailable in open stacks (loaned / in storage)
  • Save searched records to Favorites
  • Export document details to a citation manager or send them via e-mail
  • Check the availability of an electronic journal or e-book in CU holdings

Search tips

  • To see more tips follow the link
  • If you know the name of the document you are looking for, use the Advanced Search and search directly using the Title field.
  • If you know the exact name of a document, enter it in the search field in quotation marks, i.e. as a phrase – e.g. “Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine“.
  • When UKAŽ returns too many results for your query, try refining your search using the facet menu on the left side of the screen – for example, restrict the Date or Language facets.
  • Search terms can be combined using Boolean operators (AND, OR and NOT). You can also make use of Wildcard Characters.

Czech version of UKAŽ

The direct link to the Czech interface of UKAŽ is https://ukaz.cuni.cz.

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