Central Library of Charles University

Digital Repository

The Charles University Digital Repositories and the  Charles University Digital Library Kramerius serve as a space for storing and making accessible digital and digitized documents owned by Charles University (further only CU). These are documents created by students, academics, scientists and staff affiliated to the CU. The aim of the repositories is in particular to provide access to the information contained in the above listed documents. The contents of the Kramerius Repositories and Digital Library are made available in accordance with copyright, other relevant laws and the internal policies of Charles University.

Operated repositories and digital libraries, and their content

The information below serves for a general introduction to the operated systems for storing and making accessible digitized and so-called born-digital documents and their content..

  • Charles University Digital Repository (https://dspace.cuni.cz)
    • contents of this repository consists of:
      • electronic theses defended from year 2006 until present day
      • selected digitized theses defended before year 2006
      • habilitations defended from March 1st 2017 until present day
      • open access articles published in Faculty of Arts Press journals
      • open access monographs published by Karolinum Press, Faculty of Arts Press and Faculty of Law
      • digitized study materials for students with special needs
      • Archive of fulltexts collected withing Czech Geographical Bibliography online
  • Digital Library Kramerius (http://kramerius.cuni.cz):
    • contents of this digital library consists of:
      • collection of old and rare prints digitized in various faculty digitization projects, e.g.:
        • maps from Map Collection of the Faculty of Science (part of this collection are still transferred into Digital Library Kramerius from previously used system, Digitool (see below);
        • historical legal texts collection of the Faculty of Law;
      • digitized collection of selected study literature (both social sciences / humanities & natural sciences);
      • and much more!
    • this digital library serves also as an access point to custom faculty installations of the Kramerius Digital Library system with their own custom digitized content, e. g.:
  • Digital university repository Digitool (http://repozitar.cuni.cz)
    • contents of this repository consists of:
      • collections of digitized or born-digital documents of individual faculties or other university units, e.g.:
        • Map collection of the Faculty of Science (currently in the process of moving into Digital Library Kramerius, see above)
        • historical documents from collections of the:
          • Faculty of Law
          • Faculty of Arts
          • Protestant Theological Faculty
        • collection of certified methodologies
        • collection of posters from exhibitions organized by Geographical Library of the Faculty of Science
    • content is being moved to Digital Library Kramerius or CU Digital Repository (depending on its type / form) continuously, since Digitool system is no longer supported by its developer
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