Central Library of Charles University

Electronic information resources (e-resources)

Students and staff of Charles University have access to a wide range of electronic information resources (e-resources for short). In addition to on-site access from computers in the UK network, most e-resources can also be accessed remotely (following login).

Discovery Service UKAŽ

Thanks to the central discovery service UKAŽ, you can search through both the printed documents from the collections of CU libraries and CU theses, as well as most of the e-resources (both freely accessible and subscription based) available at the university and also selected digitized CU documents.

More about the product can be found on a separate page.

eResources Portal of Charles University

An overview of all currently available subscription based online databases and collections of e-journals and e-books, as well as freely available resources and trials is offered by the eResources Portal of Charles University. You can filter the resources alphabetically, by faculty/other unit, or by subject.

More information about the service can be found here

“CUNI” button in databases

If you come across an icon “CUNI” or a link with the text “CUNI link” anywhere, you can safely click on it. This service will find out if it is possible to access the full text of the article or e-book. After clicking on the icon, a list of links will appear which you can use to open the document.

Take care, you will only be able to access those marked with the note “Pouze pro/Only for” if you are from the specified faculty or other unit. If the text is not available to CU, a link to the list of CU libraries will be displayed. Choose yours and let them know that you are interested in that particular document – the library might buy it for their collection or get it for you by borrowing it from another library in the Czech Republic or even abroad. 

Terms and conditions of use for licensed e-resources

By using Charles University’s electronic information resources, the user undertakes to use the resources in accordance with the Czech Copyright Act and licensing terms. Failure to do so may result in blocking of access for the whole CU and sanctions against the user.

It is allowed to:

  • view, store, print documents and search results for non-commercial purposes in instruction, study, science, and research or for personal use.

It is forbidden to:

  • perform systematic, automatic, mass downloads of texts and data,
  • use the resources for commercial purposes (e.g. reselling the articles)
  • provide access to the content to others, neither electronically or in print,
  • remove the copyright watermark,
  • create derivative works – including translations – without the permission of the copyright holder.

Questions regarding specific licensing terms can be addressed to admin-eiz@cuni.cz

In the event that the document is not available at Charles University, the user may request it to be provided via interlibrary loan service at any of the Charles University libraries.

Financing of e-resources

Some e-resources available at Charles University are financed from the CzechElib project. These e-resources can be found on the eResources Portal of Charles University marked with the appropriate icon.

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