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E-resources portal in the new – 14. 12.!

On December 14th, 2022, the Central Library will launch a new eResources Portal (PEZ) version. You can get a beta version of this new feature by following this link.

The guides, detailed descriptions of the new features, and tips&tricks are better and more precise every day –just follow the link.

We are still making final adjustments and fine-tuning the last details to launch the new PEZ on December 14th at the well-known link eresources.cuni.cz.

How does the new e-resources portal work?

The PEZ continues to function as an overview of all currently available subscription online databases and comprehensive collections of e-journals/e-books, as well as crucial free resources and trial access. However, its new design has allowed for some significant changes.

The most important one is that the databases described above are searchable by a direct search in UKAŽ. So if you are looking directly for your favorite database, you don’t have to leave UKAŽ. At the same time, however, you can search only databases and only on PEZ. Movement between UKAŽ and PEZ is via the top bar, always one click away.

Another new feature is the ability to combine filters. Whereas before, you could only ever select one faculty/one subject (or have a listing of only free ERs or trials), it is now possible to combine all these filters to suit your needs. You can learn more about this functionality here

What will change for me with the new e-resources portal?

While expanding the range of filter combinations, changing the logic regarding availability for faculty and subject classification was necessary.

So if you are looking for databases available for your faculty (but at the same time may be available for others), don’t forget to tick the “Charles University” filter in addition to your faculty. More than half of the subscriptions to the University’s ERs are available university-wide, so take advantage of this opportunity!

The same works with individual subject classification – you can find narrowly specified databases under separate disciplines. Still, the University also offers databases with such broad content that they must be considered multidisciplinary. So be sure to tick “multidomain” as well so you don’t miss out on quality and accessible content.

Unfortunately, old links will disappear. So if you like to link to your favorite databases, you can generate new ones using the “permanent link” button next to each resource.

We hope you will enjoy working with the new PEZ. If anything is not optimal, please feel free to contact the Central Library’s team at admin-eiz@cuni.cz.

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