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E-books on Oxford Scholarship Online, Sage Knowledge and ScienceDirect available for 1 year

UPDATE: For the year 2021, titles from the Physics and Astronomy & Computer Science & Mathematics collections on the ScienceDirect platform have also been added to the offer of e-books and textbooks temporarily available via the EBA mode. We are currently working on making them available in the CU eBook Portal and the UKAŽ discovery service.

All students and employees of Charles University have temporary access to thousands of e-books from many scientific fields on the Oxford Scholarship Online and Sage Knowledge platforms for one year.

These two extensive e-book collections are accessible in a so-called Evidence-Based Acquisition model (EBA). EBA allows users to access the entire content of a platform until the end of the specified period and then, based on statistical data, the most used titles will be selected for purchase and perpetual access.

On-site/remote access to these resources and additional information are available on the CU eResources Portal.

All available e-books are also findable within the CU Discovery Service (UKAŽ) and the CU eBooks Portal.

The purchase has been supported from the ERDF programme “ERDF pro VŠ II na UK – VRR” (reg. no. CZ.02.2.67/0.0/0.0/18_057/0013298)

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